Ace Blind & Shade
How To Measure / Install:

General Information:
Use a tapesteel measuring tape and measure down to the nearest 

Don't be surprised if your windows aren't perfectly square.

Measure all windows, even if they appear to be the same size.

Decide if you want your blinds installed within the window opening
 (Inside Mount) or on your wall/trim (Outside Mount).

Most people use an Inside Mount for a neater look, but make sure you 
have enough depth to allow the product to fit.

Use an Outside Mount when your opening is too shallow or when your w
window is significantly out of square.

If ordering Inside Mount, give us your exact window size.
If ordering Outside Mount, give us your exact blind/shade size.

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Inside Mount

How to measure for an Inside Mount:
(Note: An inside mount fits within the window frame.)
Please provide the EXACT WINDOW OPENING SIZE when ordering.
DO NOT TAKE ANY DEDUCTIONS. The factory will deduct approximately 3/8"
to 1/2" from the width you designate so your product will not rub against
the sides of your window.

WidthMeasure in 3 places (top, middle, and bottom) and use the NARROWEST measurement.

Height: Measure in 3 places and use the TALLEST measurement,

 EXCEPT for vertical blinds and privacy sheer blinds

 -(use the shortest measurement).

How to measure for an Outside Mount:
Outside Mount

Measuring for OUTSIDE MOUNT:
Specify the EXACT WIDTH and the EXACT HEIGHT you want your PRODUCT;
 the factory will make your product the exact size you specify. Include in your
 measurement room for the mounting brackets, which are up to 2-1/2" tall.
 Also consider adding a few inches on the sides, top, and bottom for additional
 privacy as well as to block more light.
Installation Tips